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Only 10,539 sq ft – 23,305 sq ft remaining

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First Floor

Potential split options

Suite A on the 1st floor has recently been let

Suite B 12,766 Sq ft / 1,186 Sq m approx

3 Lotus park offers part ground floor and the entire first floor

Whatever your requirement the building offers high profile ‘space to flourish’.

Floor Sq Ft Sq M
Second Let Let
First 12,766 2,165
Ground 10,556 980
Total 23,322 3,145

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Location No. Occupants
Cellular Office 10
Open Plan 210
Meeting Rm 1 no. (16 person)
Meeting Rm 2 no. (10 person)
Meeting Rm 9 no. (8 person)
Meeting Rm 3 no. (4 person)
Breakout 2
  220 (Total Occupants)
Area 2,205 sq m (23,745 sq ft)
Ratio 1 person per 10 sq m

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First Floor

Indicative layout

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